Fascists and rebellion

White Supremacists March with Torches in Charlottesville on Aug. 11, 2017 (Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

It happens that the fascists behave like revolutionaries. They fight with the police, expose large property fraud, use their flags at the strikes. This is their common tactic. They manipulate something precious and close to target audience’s heart by using flattery. When there is a need to agitate the masses of dissatisfied — fascists will build barricades, turn over cars and embody other dreams of an embittered citizen. And then, on a wave of universal trust, they come to power and turn the country into hell. Under their vigilant leadership, the «fatherland» will always be «in danger». Not the time for revolution, my dear! You’d better look for enemies not think about radical measures of justice.

Programmes and manifestos of fascist parties proclaim the dictatorship in black and white, in it’s the most brazen and shameless form. There are always «people’s solidarity», «trade unions without politics», and a prohibition of any other ideas. I mean everything is for the owners not for the workers. The pillars of fascist political practice is a class cooperation and the omnipotent state that do not help the oppressed, the parts of which were not fortunate enough to buy into beautiful parades and radical rhetoric.

Agitating among the bourgeoisie, the fascists promise the state protection to producers, banks, the inviolability of private property and finance. They promise powerful significant contribution to the military-industrial complex, expansion of command authority and regular work without downtime to the military. Workers are talking fervently about justice and «real socialism», with a national face and merciless destruction of the working people’s enemies. The common documents of the fascist parties are tying together so various promises in common programs in some different ways, often contradictory and meaningless. It’s true, no one reads them critically, every potential voter sees only what is precious to him.

In practice, only rich and wealthy people profit from fascism. For them, «people’s solidarity», «social partnership» and obedient trade unions are the guarantee of a non-stop money flowing, and because of this goal it is possible to invest in a temporary food ration increasing. Therefore, the rich and wealthy hold in high regard the fascists, give them money, place their people into fascist parties and be cool about their rebellions and chieftainship games. For future dividends, you can spend a lot on satisfying your vagaries.

Despite the fact that the founding fathers of different currents of fascism Mussolini, Hitler, Franco and the smaller figures have already disintegrated into molecules, but their brainchild is alive and well. People still believe in national ideas under the protection of the pervasive state and tear each other’s heads off for interests they have nothing to do with. Fascism, that means a complete end of civil liberties and even personal security, has been chosen in variety of euphemisms all over the world and also in our country, where democracy and «European values» have taken place.

«National corps» rally in Kyiv on Feb. 22, 2017 (jovan/hromadske)

If the youth branch of the ruling party rushed to destroy the police stations where people were tortured, or destroyed fences around an illegitimate construction site, would someone have believed that the president was a revolutionary? With his biography and track record, which are better than any program objectives show who is who. Here, for example, some people believe in the «Svoboda» party or «National corps» that neither programmatic, nor personally and legally corresponds to its flouncing around during the «riot games».

When those far right nationalist functionaries (sometimes completely unlike the «national aristocrats») сut in the grassroots protest, break down the fences or punch the policemen again, there is hardly anybody that remembers things which are said in their programs and manifestos are opposite the actions. «National revolutionaries» explain that programs and manifestos are simply «legitimate front» for «eliminating the anti-people policy». More reputable comrades of them justify a bit different, explaining the riot by trying to replace the wrong hierarchy with the correct one. Anyway, their actions at the state feeder are not different from their ruling party «enemies».

Loud words, strong activists and spectacular brawls can improve the assimilation of fascist declarations where their content is unclear or causes questions. The fascists have made themselves out to be conservative saints, aggressive nihilists, then socialists, then almost anarchists for deacades, depending on the «electoral market» demand. There are more emotions, passion and indulgence to common human complexes and less sense, reflection and logic. That is the key to the fascist parties success.

Get these gormless usurpers of popular discontent out of the barricades. Climb them yourself and don’t let anyone call the shots. The right to a better life is in our hands when they are only free from all kinds of chains.

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