Помеченные: war


About revolutionaries and armies

Revolutionaries should keep this in mind and every time they make a decision about insurrection, ask themselves: «What have we done to prevent us from being strangled, like newborn kittens?»


Russian guilt

If you didn’t pluck up courage and demand to stop this massacre, you would be guilty till your death die. You will respond for your cowardice that stopped you from sabotaging this hell machine that was built right before your eyes.


Kievan anarchist’s confession

The political reason for the fall of the power of the Yanukovych «family» was the breaching of obligations by the authorities to the classes. Parliament adopts a budget, keeping in mind the criticism and the wishes of groups of influence. The government secretly steals, but does not kill the poor. The authorities can ignore or press the protest, but torture and murder in relation to the dissenters should not be used. In January 2014, the government violated all these rules and lost «legitimacy» in the eyes of the people.