Рубрика: Inter/antinational

Texts for our foreign comrades. Mainly in English, but also in German and other languages.


Співробітники турецького посольства в Києві напали на активістів / Turkish Embassy Staff in Kyiv Attacked Activists

Люди з турецького посольства в Києві напали на активістів, які протестували проти військового вторгнення у Рожаву / Men from Turkish embassy in Kyiv attacked protesters against military invasion to Rojava


The Antifa Hysteria

American conservatives have been raging against Antifa, an organization they had never heard of until then, but which they are convinced is a dangerous domestic terrorist organization that must be criminalized.


A Nation of Anarchists

Looking at the results of Ukraine’s presidential election, one can assume that during the next 5 years Ukrainians will have lots of reasons to laugh — but this laughter won’t always be a happy one.


A Comedian For President?

Whether the president is a billionaire oligarch «chocolate king,» a comedian, or in America’s case a man who cannot put coherent thoughts together, all these people can serve a useful purpose. They teach us about the absurdity of the liberal bourgeois state.