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People and monsters

It is really easy to imagine enemies as monsters, inhumans, stupid animals who devoid of all human virtues and embody all vices. But this is an erroneous approach. All crimes and abominations are committed by «normal guys» who are «a bit wrong». There are not only monsters to hate. Good, honest, sincere, kind people sometimes deserved all this hate. When we say «all cops are bastards», we do not indicate their personal qualities. We point to the repressive function that they perform.



Editorial site NIHILIST are anarchists and anti-authoritarian radical left.
We allow ourselves to call a spade a spade directly honestly and sincerely. We are not afraid to seem «unconstructive», because we understand that «constructiveness» is a so-called «fair play».
We are not afraid to offend someone’s feelings and aesthetic tastes, because these feelings and tastes are formed by the system we are fighting against.


Far-right Militants Did Not Allow to Honor Annual Death Day of Putin Regime Victims

Anarchist January 19 committee canceled carrying of anti-fascist event in Kyiv. Taking into consideration the tangible advantage of far-right militants, which in groups were located near the place of a rally, and taking care for event participants’ safety, the accountables for the event coordinated a retreat. All participants and visitors safely left for homes. On the same day in Kyiv there were attempts to carry another anti-fascist event, which ended up with confrontation with a numerous group of far-right militants, including the ones who related to so-called Civilian Corps of Azov regiment.


О восприятии фашизма / Über die Wahrnehmung des Faschismus

Deutsche Version У западных наблюдателей, особенно у левых, часто вызывала возмущение нацистская символика на “общенародных” протестах в Украине. Именно благодаря этому миф о “фашистском путче” и “хунте” и оказался столь живучим. Но эта толерантность...


‘Novorossiya’s’ Right-wing Friends

In our previous article, we began discussing Western political forces sympathizing with Putin’s Russia and overtly supporting its policies. Now, when relations between the Russian Federation and Western countries have deteriorated as a result of the annexation of Crimea and the military affair in eastern Ukraine, these forces are manifesting themselves particularly vividly. Putin’s actions have become impossible not to notice or ignore.


Das „Gespenst“ des Kommunismus oder Mozgovoj als Che Guevara für Tolkienisten

Einige Stunden nach dem Tod von Mozgovoj hatte ich versprochen, eine Kolumne „Mozgovoj ist kein Che Guevara, sondern ein missglückter Kadyrov“ zu schreiben. Das aber habe ich letztlich nicht getan. Weil ich Zweifel an der Ausgangsthese hatte. „Che Guevara“ und „Kadyrov“ sollten nicht gegenübergestellt werden. Natürlich versteht es sich von selbst, dass, wenn der reale, historische Che Guevara zugrunde gelegt wird, Mozgovoj mit ihm dann nur die Gemeinsamkeit hat, dass beide eine Waffe in der Hand gehalten und die USA nicht geliebt haben.