The anarchist Volohov perished in the defence of Kharkiv. But heroes never die

Igor Volohov, an anarchist from Kharkiv who died defending his city, was a complex person. He was active, sharp and uncompromising, a great organizer and avid debater. He never shied away from conflicts, on the contrary – he welcomed them. But a lifetime of conflicts and arguments pale in comparison to the fact that Igor became a hero, a real hero who will become an essential part of anarchist articles as well as academic literature.

There will be musical concerts dedicated to his memory. There will be songs written about him, perhaps even in different languages. Squats will be named after him, or maybe even streets where those are located. Perhaps some insurrectionist group will dedicate an arson attack on a Russian Embassy to him and even the strongest opposers of the insurrectionism will applaud this act.

We all feel different about religion, but Igor Volohov gained eternal life even in a purely materialistic way. But the faceless entities that murdered him will not be honored with an afterlife, a grave, or an epitaph.

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