The whole world lives in a period of reaction.

The global economic crisis of recent years has shown us that it will no longer be possible to live the old way. But the ruling class cling tenaciously to its dominance. It is no longer possible to placate people with handouts.

In recent decades the gap between the rich and the poor in the whole world has only been increasing and growing.

«If they do not have bread — let them eat each other», — this is the new principle of maintaining domination.

The global rematch of religious fundamentalism. Xenophobia and racism dressed in a respectable conformist shell to better assimilate with the everyman. Patriotism as a universal justification for any meanness. Just winged «age-old traditional values».

Here is an indicative list of those tools that the bourgeoisie uses to preserve its political and economic power. We can also add total censorship, media manipulation, police brutality.

And this can take a form of joyful holiday.

Philistines are taught to treat everything «easily, cheerfully and frivolously» and the only exception is for consumption and production. Generations of slaves raise their own kind. Betrayal and conformism have become synonymous with «maturity».

The political choice boils down to a cop’s baton in the ass and a bottle of champagne in the same place.

Society has almost forgotten how to say «no».

Any insufficiently reflexive denial of the system is built into it and strengthens the prison walls, the protest and the thirst for freedom are substituted cleverly by the struggle for the slavery enhancing.

Instead of throwing off their chains the oppressed strangle each other.

It’s time for us to realize that for the liberation of everyone, we need freedom for everyone.

In order to become truly free, everyone should become free.

But we can attain our freedom only by combining a constant theoretical search with everyday revolutionary practice. We must learn to accept our own and predecessors’ mistakes and outline the conclusions.

We must develop and move on.

Editorial site NIHILIST are anarchists and anti-authoritarian radical left.

We allow ourselves to call a spade a spade directly honestly and sincerely. We are not afraid to seem «unconstructive», because we understand that «constructiveness» is a so-called «fair play».

We are not afraid to offend someone’s feelings and aesthetic tastes, because these feelings and tastes are formed by the system we are fighting against.

We are not afraid to seem destructive, because we are the destroyers indeed.

The State, the Family, the Church and the Сapital must die, and we make sure these ungrateful dead, guided by the thirst for power, do not drag the whole world down into their graves.

Sooner or later some beautiful flowers will grow on these graves and they will be cultivated by wise and sensitive gardeners. But now mankind needs much more evil and uncompromising gravediggers.


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