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Theses about Russia

We consider the Russian Federation in the current temporary and political context like a huge state with a low population density, an authoritarian regime, which in the current form is built by law enforcers.


Why leftists can’t support Novorossia?

Novorossia is a non-class project: the workers in it are fighting against other workers, and not against the capitalists. The workers are not fighting under the leadership of the workers’ party, but under the leadership of the Moscow oligarchs and Russian fascists. Novorossia is an anti-humanistic project: its agents deny the diversity of religions and life-styles, any right of an unarmed person.


Anarchism and war

Due to the circumstances, the anarchists were not only permissible, but it was also necessary to join the ranks of the armed formations. Not to «defend the territorial integrity», «take revenge» or «cut Russians», but in order to protect the freedom that remained in Ukraine, and return it to where it was expelled by the aggressors.


‘Novorossiya’s’ ‘Leftist’ Friends

The annexation of Crimea, the “Novorossiya” project, and the fight against the “Kyiv junta” are not supported in Russia alone. There are political forces around the world, both marginal and relatively respectable, which voice their support for the separatists in the Donbass. At times, activists themselves travel to the war zone as volunteers, but they mostly hold demonstrations in support of the separatist republics and pressure their governments to renounce their support for Ukraine and “stop the aggression against Russia.”