Every honest person becomes an anarchist

Artwork by David Chichkan

A choice between president candidates, government, national sovereignties or unions is always a choice between the opposites, like a choice what to spend the last money — to buy a bus ticket or a loaf of bread. These circumstances cause disputes, quarrels and hatred.

But the choice between anarchy and current state of society is beyond of this opposites at all. For one simple reason: if you have a possibility to travel for free and have your bread for free too, you take both. Anarchism proposes to deal with contradictions, which affect society, without any loss.

It will not be necessary to decide whom to obey, whom to give your voice, whom to serve, what to buy for the last money, what to loose due to this choice. Anarchy doesn’t provide powerful leaders and disequality, because it’s statement says: power and wealth must belong to community of equal individuals.

To achieve anarchy, most of the world will not have to sacrifice anything except for chains. In theory, even the minority of the rich and powerful doesn’t need a sacrifice too, except for the privileges. But if their conscience can’t accept that — let them blame themselves.

Everyone remembers the Soviet socialist era, when the kingdom of heaven was promised to be built on Earth. But anarchists unlike communists or modern socialists never wanted to appropriate the power. The anarchists urge people to break their chains and rise from their knees and stop enslaving anybody. This is the core of all anarchist ideas.

Thus anarchists are the most coherent and radical democrats and socialists. We think it is impossible to create the new socium not by worker’s power and will but by people who has declared themselves «avantguard», «party» or another type of political «leadership» even in humane and advanced way. We saw a lot of deception treachery to understand, that the progress needs every single participant to be activated. Nobody will ever defend us except ourselves. This is the  basic truth for everybody who arose and took theirs.

Anarchy means absence of limitations for people, ready to build a new world era without slavery, poverty and meaningless life. We deserve a better place and together we can achieve it. If you are an honest person and you think now that this is just a dream of a young heart — that’s Ok. When the time comes, you will not even notice how you become an anarchist.

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