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Protests, Violence Prompt UC Berkeley to Cancel Milo Yiannopoulos Event – NBC News

The school must be separated from politics.
Art should be out of politics.
The university should be a place for gaining knowledge, not for political experiments.
You’d better work not protest.

These philistine mantras have been serving to maintain the system stability for decades.

Politics is something unworthy and dirty so specially trained people should do it in specially equipped places.

Ordinary citizens can only do politics according to the order (and even in some cases they have to). Specially trained people explain where to go, what to rail against, what to shout and what to demand.

You cannot refuse — your bosses and also your conformist colleagues will piss you off.

You can’t do politics on your own, you can’t air your desires and requirements, it is just impossible. At best, you will be allowed to check the box that says «specially trained person» and put a ballot paper in the box every few years.

Photo: Anne Schuler

The only way to do politics and don’t look like a moron is to become one of these specially trained people. You need to to become a «student leader»; you need to become a member of the company union; you need to lick the PM or minister’ assistants boots; you need to cover yourself with a dense layer of dirt and only then you will be allowed to enter the world of politics. But you will be gone by that time.

We affirm that schools and universities, museums and galleries, offices and factories, restaurants and stadiums, streets and squares are all «places for politics».

Not for the official stuff, not for the authorities and the opposition travesty, but for real politics.

It can only be emancipatory and revolutionary in the conditions of total domination.

Photo: Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle

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