Kleptofascism: concept of the Russian regime


Theses about Russia

We consider the Russian Federation in the current temporary and political context like a huge state with a low population density, an authoritarian regime, which in the current form is built by law enforcers.


It’s all about Russian ideology

“Russian ideology” is modernism in the service of militant antimodernism, the using of progress to stop the progress, or even better, to reverse it. That is why Russia has never seriously sought world domination even in its dreams, and in its more recent wars were fought under the slogans of a “multipolar world”.


‘Novorossiya’s’ Right-wing Friends

In our previous article, we began discussing Western political forces sympathizing with Putin’s Russia and overtly supporting its policies. Now, when relations between the Russian Federation and Western countries have deteriorated as a result of the annexation of Crimea and the military affair in eastern Ukraine, these forces are manifesting themselves particularly vividly. Putin’s actions have become impossible not to notice or ignore.