The case of Penza antifascists

Prince Abubakar (aka Buba) is not just another pretty face. He’s also a fierce antifacist. He asks you to read the following articles (after a complaint from a reader, I’ve now included the links both at the bottom of this text and in the comments section) about the Penza-Petersburg «terrorism» case the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has cooked up using a combination of sheer sick fantasy, torture, searches, interrogations, and threats.

Then Buba wants you to publicize the hell out of this frightening story by sharing the articles with everyone you can think of, especially if you have friends who are journalists or newspaper editors.

It would be incredibly helpful to the seven young men now wrongfully imprisoned in pretrial detention centers in Penza and Petersburg if this story went mainstream and international. It has been proven time and again that intense publicity rattles torturers and tyrants, who would rather do their work in anonymity — hence, all the men in masks in the following articles. If a man in a mask beats the crap out of you with his fists and an electric cattle prod while your hands are cuffed so tight the cut marks will be visible several days later, it means he doesn’t want you to know his identity for the simple reason he has committed a crime against you.

Torture is just as illegal in the Russian Federation as it is in every other country that has signed the relevant international conventions and put laws against the vile practice into its own legal codes. Confessions obtained through torture are just as inadmissible in courts in Russia as in any other civilized country.

So, step one is making a big noise about the case. Russia’s kangaroo courts and its security services will thus be encouraged to give up on their plan to recreate 1937 in the lives of several innocent young men, their loved ones, and their friends.

If you can’t do it for Buba or me, do it for these men, their loved ones, and their friends. You will be blessed for your efforts.

Ilya Kapustin: «They Said They Could Break My Legs and Dump Me in the Woods»

This week, FSB officers searched the homes of several Petersburg antifascists and anarchists. The searches were authorized by order of a Penza court.

The Penza «Terrorism» Case

On January 23, antifascist Viktor Filinkov disappeared in Petersburg. He was found two days later: the press service of the Petersburg court system related Filinkov had been remanded to police custody after confessing his involvement in a terrorist network whose members «profess[ed] the anarchist ideology.»

Breaking Bad with the FSB

A second anarchist from the mythical organization Network (Set) has been remanded to police custody at the request of counterintelligence. Viktor Filinkov and Igor Shiskin are suspected of planning an armed insurrection to seize power.

How “Stability” Has Really Been Achieved in Russia

Antifascist Viktor Filinkov, arrested for alleged involvement in a terrorist network, has told members of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) he was tortured, according to the PMC’s report, which Mediazona has in its possession.


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