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May Day rally speech

The current government, that is established through the efforts of the Maidan, is not able to modernize Ukraine even by the capitalist development way.


On the anniversary of Maidan

The grassroots fraction of Maidan did not fulfill its revolutionary tasks, being unable to go beyond the demands “to change power” and the repetition of the bourgeois-democratic ideology. Not that “intellectuals” were drowning their sorrows, while the people vainly exercised their minds, secretly praying for help.


Kievan anarchist’s confession

The political reason for the fall of the power of the Yanukovych «family» was the breaching of obligations by the authorities to the classes. Parliament adopts a budget, keeping in mind the criticism and the wishes of groups of influence. The government secretly steals, but does not kill the poor. The authorities can ignore or press the protest, but torture and murder in relation to the dissenters should not be used. In January 2014, the government violated all these rules and lost «legitimacy» in the eyes of the people.