A modest proposal for the People’s Republic of Alaska

To all of you anti-imperialists concerned with ‘world balance’ and ‘US global dominance’ and thinking that Putin is a bulwark against them.

But isn’t it strange that your beloved militants and dictators are now fighting the big Shaitan in places like Ukraine and Syria?

I’m not denying your point altogether, I just don’t want the city I live in to become your battleground or me and my friends and relatives to be sacrificed in any geopolitical game by any side.

So why not oppose the US imperialism directly on its own land?
Look at Alaska. Huge territory, lots of resources and less population that in Donetsk. You can do to Alaska what Zionists did to Palestine or the Yankees to Texas. Organize a movement for immigration into Alaska. Make it your holy land. Move there and settle. You can hope to change the demographic composition of the region within a few generations and also you can hope the Native Americans living there to join your cause.

Then rebel. Russia will supply you with weapons across the Bering Strait and you can hope to seize some US nukes (I don’t know actually if the US keeps them in Alaska).
This way you will do the most damage to your enemy with smallest price paid by the rest of the world.

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