NATO is dead, global security is dead. And here’s why

NATO is dead. Global security is dead. And here’s why:

• Both ‘quality peace’ (Wallensteen) and ‘positive peace’ (Galtung) concepts imply that peace is not simply an absence of war, but a more complex thing. Let me remind you that predicted worldwide food shortage with hunger riots, the number of Ukrainian refugees that are to be accomodated, risks of nuclear pollution leaks from Ukrainian territory, Russian drones over Europe, intervention into US elections, Czechia warehouses explosions etc. – these things do not grant people the privilege to be secure just because they live outside Ukraine.

• One can argue whether NFZ or providing planes or some third option is better idea than the others, but the truth is that none of these options is to be chosen. Nobody ever tries to provide a pro-active response to the threat. Nobody is adult and responsible enough to understand that the problem will not dissolve itself.

• According to the polls, many NATO countries citizens actually oppose invoking Article 5. It is still not invoked though the possible pretexts have already happened. NATO as an entity will not protect not only its enhanced partner Ukraine, but its smaller and weaker member states as well.

• Ichkeria (you mostly know it as Chechnya) suffered two wars from Russia and failed. Now its human resources turn to Kadyrovites who attack Ukraine. If Ukraine fails, its resources will be turned to attack the West.

• NATO cannot deter Russia but Ukrainian territorial defense guys, 20 y.o., in light equipment, are supposed to. This is complete bullshit of enormous level of audacity.

• UN, the organization created for international peace and security, fails even to name the country which is responsible for all that is going on. How can you solve the problem if you fail to recognize its source?

• ICRC, UNISEF, OSCE and other organizations have already washed their hands from what was supposed to be the direct aim of their existence.

• 74% of US citizens demand the NFZ, but Biden directly refuses to impose it. This is a democracy crisis.

• The level of Western analysis of the situation is so weak that they gave Ukraine two to three days. Literally even ordinary people who survived two weeks under full occupation without any access to communication being constantly threatened with death, but never doubted Ukraine will resist, are better in their evaluations than the best analytical minds of the world.

• Global Western behavior is completely irrational in terms of games theory. There’s no sense to red lines if they are trespassed without any consequences. The most recent example: Biden literally promised a forceful response if any American citizen is attacked in Ukraine, and it has already happened, but not only the forceful response is absent, Biden literally fails to say anything at all about this.

• Even for poor Brent Renauds newspaper The New York Times, the most important thing to do was to insist he was not working on their assignment this particular time. Literally Zelensky who has never heard of him before makes a more extended and humane eulogy than his own editorial board. It is ‘there’s no them there’, “их там нет”, Russian approach to its cannons fodder. Russian sociopathic political culture has already deeply penetrated the Western world.

• In terms of knowledge of WW2 history the situation is the same. No lessons are learnt. You cannot agree on some borders of inaction with a person who explicitly says that Russian territory ends nowhere. – Ukrainians are the real example of courageous democracy and freedom defenders, while other people are afraid they should buy more warm socks. This is why after war we will be disliked. We are already disliked. People are jealous when they see someone who performs better at what they pretend to be performing well. No one can leave the crab bucket.

• We are living dead now. My every post here can be the last. You cannot be sure that in a couple of minutes after I publish this some prohibited munition will not hit my house with me in it. (Guess why I am not sleeping at 7 a.m.? Because it is air raid!) Even if I survive this war physically, I know I will be unable to talk to many people anymore. Because even now I think not only of myself but of them as well, and do my best to protect them as well, while they do nothing to protect me. I’m so glad I’m better than you, as Michael Gira put it.


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